Fair vs. Equal Picture

Here is the picture that Suzann W. talked about in class today.  She uses it to discuss with her class the concept of being fair to everyone, vs. treating everyone equally.  Remember, what Rick LaVoie stated in our FAT City Video – that fairness didn’t really mean students getting the same thing, but rather, fairness was that students got what they needed.  Which, is something readily understood through the use of the picture below!  (ps Suzann I don’t know if you would like to comment or add anything!)



5 thoughts on “Fair vs. Equal Picture

  1. Suzann says:

    I find when I talk about fair v. equal with students – it’s best to make it more of a conversation, ask them what they think and listen to their responses because then when I’ve shown the two pictures it gives them time to think about what they said earlier and how that may now change with the picture before them. Then I let them know that it’s ok to be different and that I will treat them differently, I’m treating them fairly, but that fair doesn’t mean I will treat them all the same, equally.

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    • gailafriel1 says:

      That is great Suzann, I especially like developing the attitude that “it’s ok to be different!” Thank you. As a result of your post and explanation, I hope more teachers will use it!


  2. Erin Connor says:

    I think this picture makes it easy for kids to understand the difference between fair and equal. I do agree that it shows it is ok to be different. Differences is what makes our world go around and I think too often the world treats difference and uniqueness as something to shy away from. We should embrace our differences and rejoice in our uniqueness.


  3. Erin Connor says:

    This picture is awesome. We are all different and unique. I think this world tries to have people shy away from their differences and especially their uniqueness. I think we should embrace our differences and rejoice in our uniqueness. Differences are what makes the world go round and is an opportunity for us to learn.


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