Google Ngram, Trends and assessment

Google Ngram Viewer

Google has digitized over 20 million books and made them searchable by word frequency from 1600 through 2008.

Here you will see the explosion of the words assessment and testing.  It is interesting to see that in the early 1960’s the amount of times testing was used was more frequent than assessment.  In the 70’s there was a period of time that both terms were used with equal frequency.   The term assessment started to exceed the term testing in the early 1980’s.

What happened in 1977 that might help explain the term assessment overtaking the term testing?“>src=””

(How could you use google ngram in your classes?)

Also interesting, and a bit more up-to-date, is google trends.  Google trends is similar to google Ngram Viewer, but instead of searching books, you are searching trends.

Explore this and see what you think and consider how you could use it.


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